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We handpick the best of the best from the finance and banking industry to ensure every member of our team delivers the top notch service you’re looking for.

Get to know more about the real people behind the real solutions we offer our clients. We think you’ll like what you see.

Cameron Wiles

Chris Hill

Darren Little

David Brell

Ethan Phou

Henry Perenara

James Jabbour

James Lutze

Joachim Weis

Kate O'Donnell

Lionel Singh

Lucy Collins

Michael Letts

Misa Huynh

Nayesh Shah

Niaz Bhuiyan

Nichol Cullen

Nicholas Hakim

Rachana Shrestha

Ross Ung

Samantha Payne

Samuel Swiderski

Shaun Pratt

Simon Orbell

Sue Spasojevic

Sweta Manandhar

Viviane Pham

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Customer Care Team

Kat, Angel, Ken and Jordan are dedicated to live by their promise to our customers to build a lifelong relationship based on trust.

They specialize in providing our advisors support by negotiating competitive rates in the market according to the clients’ preferred lenders, and process loan variations that suits their current needs.

They endeavor to improve our clients’ interest rates with their current lenders after settlement, saving hundreds to thousands of dollars in annual interest payments.

The Team Behind Our Team

We assembled world class talents into highly specialised teams to deliver a smooth and efficient experience for our clients.
Our Operations Team go above and beyond everyday to wow you with their expertise and knowledge.