I am a Client Experience Manager at Smartmove with 7 years’ experience in the banking/mortgage industry. I have been very fortunate to work with some of the best performers throughout my career. I love continuous learning in my roles and always try to look outside the box and keep learning from other business partners/ stakeholders. By doing so I can improve the efficiency and accuracy of my work. Knowledge sharing in best practices with my colleagues is an important focus point as a strong team is crucial to ensuring a successful organisation. Customer satisfaction and sustainability are what drives a business and I believe “Do it right the first time” is the biggest key behind customer service. I really enjoy collaborating with my experienced colleagues at Smartmove and I am so thankful for the opportunities to offer support to my team mates and customers.

On a personal level, I love nature, natural landscapes, plants, animals, language and music. Swimming with whale sharks is top of my all-time wish list!