I joined Smartmove in August of 2013 as a Customer Care Specialist with the Operations team. I am responsible for ensuring the post-settlement phase of a client’s banking experience is smooth and seamless. Smartmove prides itself on providing a holistic approach to lending; ensuring that the client is contacted at crucial “touch base” points such as expiry of Interest Only period, fixed rates and anniversary of settlement. Post-settlement is such a crucial, yet often overlooked part of the customer service process. I really enjoy working with clients to cover all their post-settlement banking needs and gain particular satisfaction from making what can be quite a complicated and daunting process into an easy and enjoyable experience for the clients.
My number one hobby is cooking, in particular for my family. I find it fulfilling when I receive compliments and requests for more. It is such a simple yet meaningful way to spend time with them. I can relate it back to our approach at Smartmove- keep things as simple for the client as possible, maintain a good relationship with people, and everything that follows will be rewarding for both the clients and us as a team.