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Explainer: Capital gains tax

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 If you buy and sell an investment property, you may be required to pay capital gains tax (CGT) on that sale. It’s important to understanding this tax when buying or selling a home. What is CGT? This is a tax that you are required to pay on any capital gain earned on the sale of an asset such as a property. CGT applies to any asset obtained after 19 August 1985. What is a capital gain? Put simply, a capital gain is made when a profit is made from the…

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Why property investors need savings

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Urgent maintenance is an unavoidable aspect of being a landlord, so having a cash buffer set aside will help you deal with any unexpected problems. When renting out an investment property, having access to extra cash is vital for two reasons: to cover the costs of maintaining the property, giving it the best chance of remaining tenanted; and to cover the cost of the mortgage should you lose your employment or rental income A buffer ensures that you are not stretched to your financial limits, but rather comfortable while on…

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